S  A  C  R  I  F  I  C  E       S  A  V  E       S  E  R  V  E


A Campaign for Service and Self-unfoldment

 "Don't tell the world what you can do: Show it!
Let us not forget that the greatest forces in Nature are silent."

- His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda

SACRIFICE is giving up a valued object for a more important object or goal.

• Consciously keep aside a set percentage of pocket money to help a noble cause.

• Sacrifice your time for the upliftment of humanity. Use your time for noble actions instead of wasting it on excessive personal leisure (tv, web, phone, etc.)

• Consciously set a limit on desires. For example, when eating out, order two instead of three items. Offer the amount saved from this sacrifice to charity. Think carefully about what and how much you really need.

• Resolve each day to overcome a shortcoming in your character. Take one day at a time. Strive on until you win!


SAVE generously, for wastage has become the hallmark of man.

• Save money. No other creature on earth takes more from this planet than it needs. Man's greed and unending desires have caused multifarious dangers and problems in our world.  Save for those who have been deprived.

• Save the environment and avoid wastage. Restrict and be watchful to never waste water, electricity, fuel, or other energy sources.  

• Have your own tree-planting drive with friends.

• Don't waste food and drink.

Be more aware of using recycled materials that are environment-friendly. Take more initiative and be more innovative in caring for Mother Earth.

• Conserve and channel your mental energy. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones by being alert and vigilant in thought-observation.  Negative thoughts exhaust the mind; positive thoughts lead to peace.

• Consciously be grateful for all you have at every moment. Live life with a positive attitude, never swerving, despite trials and tribulations.


SERVE the Self by serving all.

• Give your time and give your self. Share all that is noble and worthy with those around you, so that the world may benefit from higher visions, aesthetics, and culture.  

• Serve to your last drop of energy in any and every way. Search for ways to serve your family, your friends, your world; no task is too menial or trivial.

• It is not enough to feed people once a week. It is better to teach people how to feed themselves. Donate your skills with your commitment of time and hard work.  

Join the campaign to Sacrifice, Save, and Serve, and transform lives!

Your pennies and loose change can provide great help to those in need of education, clothing, housing, food, health, hygiene, medical care, and rural development in India. Our CORD campaign encourages young and old alike to learn the art of selfless living and selfless giving.

All donations are tax-deductible. Donate online through CORDusa. Corporate matching contributions are welcome. Submit your donation in cash or check at a CM class location, or mail your donation check to: Chinmaya Mission, 18708 Hanna Road, Lutz, FL 33549. Questions? E-mail us.

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